Sunday, Feb. 17, 2019
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Storm Water Resource Plan (SWRP)

Madera County Storm Water Resource Plan

What is the Madera County Storm Water Resource Plan?

The Madera County Storm Water Resource Plan (SWRP) is a first of its kind watershed based storm water plan that will establish an integrated, holistic, and coordinated storm water runoff management strategy for the entire County.

Development of the SWRP is grant-funded and being led by the County of Madera in coordination with a Technical Advisory Committee, Stakeholder Group, and community members.

The main goals of the Madera County SWRP are to identify and prioritize opportunities to:

  • Better utilize stormwater as a resource;
  • Reduce runoff volumes and pollutants entering receiving waters; and
  • Realize social and community benefits not typically achieved with traditional storm water projects.

To support these goals, the SWRP will include a detailed analysis of watershed processes, surface and groundwater resources, input from stakeholders and the public, and an analysis of the multiple benefits achievable through strategically planned storm water management projects.

Types of projects expected to be included in the SWRP include projects to sustainably capture and manage storm water, reduce flooding and pollution from storm water runoff, improve and integrate biological systems such as plants, soils, and other natural infrastructure, and provide many community benefits, including cleaner air, water, and enhanced aesthetic value of local streets and neighborhoods.

With the passage of Senate Bill 985 (Pavley, 2014), storm water and/or dry-weather runoff projects must be included in a Storm Water Resource Plan to compete for state grant funds from any voter-approved bond measures.  Starting in late Spring 2018 projects within the Madera County SWRP are expected to be eligible for bond monies, such as from Proposition 1.

How the Public can get involved?     SWRP Stakeholder Meetings

Storm Water Resource Plan Technical Advisory Committee Meeting #2

10:30am – 12:00pm on August 30, 2017

Storm Water Resource Plan TAC Meeting #2 Summary

Storm Water Resource Plan TAC Meeting #2 Presentation

Storm Water Resource Plan Technical Advisory Committee Meeting #1

2:00pm -4:00pm on August 7, 2017

Storm Water Resource Plan TAC Meeting #1 Summary

Storm Water Resource Plan TAC Meeting #1 Presentation

Storm Water Resource Plan Stakeholder Meeting #1

6:00pm – 8:00pm on July 13th, 2017

Madera SWRP Meeting 1 Summary

Madera SWRP Meeting 1 Presentation

These meetings bring together governmental and nongovernmental organizations with members of the public to discuss a plan for identifying, prioritizing, and implementing storm water resource projects in the Madera County region. Funds are available in your area for increasing water security, alleviating flooding, and incorporating better storm water management methods for a more resilient future. We highly encourage you to participate in the planning process to not only provide invaluable input but also propose and prioritize project ideas.  Projects included and identified as high priority in the storm water resource plan (SWRP) may be eligible for Prop 1 monies in the 2018 funding cycle as well as additional funding opportunities.

Please RSVP or send questions to:

Completed Storm Water Resource Plan