Sunday, Oct. 13, 2019
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Flood Control and Water Conservation Agency

Madera County Sediment Removal Permit – Now Available

The purpose of this permit is to allow the removal of foreign sediment deposits and
assist Madera County with maintenance of the dedicated flood ways. This permit is
limited to the Ash Slough and Berenda Slough within the limits shown on the attached
maps in which the County is the Local Maintaining Agency and has easement rights for
channel maintenance. The activities permitted herein are activities that are outlined in
the Clean Water Act 404 (f) and are therefore exempt from the need to obtain 404
permits. They are also in compliant with, and incorporate, the requirements of the
attached 1602 California Department of Fish and Wildlife permit.
The County of Madera has compiled all of these provisions and permit requirements
into one over the counter issued permit for the purpose of public education and
streamlining a process that benefits Madera County constituents.
1. Please contact Dario Dominguez at 559‐675‐7703 extension 2359 if you
have any questions or need any additional information.
2. Permit will typically be issued OVER THE COUNTER.
3. There will be NO FEE for permit.
It is important to comply with these requirements, so that State and Federal Agencies
can continue to trust in local government and preserve our ability work together locally.

Sediment Removal Permit Application

Ash Slough Project Map

Berenda Slough Project Map



Legislation drafted by the State of California, and enforced by Government Code Sections 65302, 65560, and 65800, confer upon local government units authority to adopt regulations designed to promote the public health, safety, and general welfare of its citizenry. Therefore, Madera County Flood Control & Water Conservation Agency does hereby adopt the following floodplain management regulations.

Finding of Fact

The flood hazard areas of the County of Madera are subject to periodic inundation which results in loss of life and property, health and safety hazards, disruption of commerce and governmental services, extraordinary public expenditures for flood protection and relief, and impairment of the tax base, all of which adversely affect the public health, safety, and general welfare.
These flood losses are caused by uses that are inadequately elevated, flood proofed, or protected from flood damage. The cumulative effect of obstruction in areas of special flood hazards which increase flood height and velocities also contribute to the flood loss.

Statement of Purpose

As established by ordinance and to promote the public health, safety, and general welfare, and to minimize public and private losses due to flood conditions in specific area by provisions designed to:

  • Protect human life and health
  • Minimize expenditure of public money for costly flood control projects
  • Minimize the need for rescue and relief efforts associated with flooding and generally undertaken at the expense of the general public
  • Minimize prolonged business interruptions
  • Minimize damage to public facilities and utilities such as water and gas mains; electric, telephone and sewer lines; and street and bridges located in areas of special flood hazard
  • Help maintain a stable tax base by providing for the sound and development of areas of special flood hazard so as to minimize future blighted areas caused by flood damage
  • Ensure that potential buyers are notified that the property is in an area of special flood hazard
  • Ensure that those who occupy the area of special flood hazard assume responsibility for their actions.


El Niño Flood Risks Fact Sheet
El Niño Flood Risks Fact Sheet

County Wide Sandbag Locations

Countywide Sandbag Locations

Methods of Reducing Flood Losses
In order to accomplish its purposes, this ordinance includes methods and provisions to:

  • Restrict or prohibit uses which are dangerous to health, safety, and property due to water or erosion hazards, or which result in damaging increases in erosion or flood height or velocities
  • Require that uses vulnerable to floods, including facilities which serve such uses, be protected against flood damage at the time of initial construction
  • Control the alteration of natural floodplains, streams channels, and natural protective barriers, which help accommodate or channel flood waters
  • Control filling, grading dredging, and maintenance of levees and other development which may increase flood damage
  • Prevent or regulate the construction of flood barriers which will unnaturally divert flood waters or which may increase flood hazards in other areas.

The County of Madera has adopted the following water related Studies and Plans:
Master Drainage Plan: Gill & Pulver Study – Master Drainage Plan for Madera Ranchos, Bonadelle Ranchos and Root Creek
Integrated Regional Water Management Plan
Madera Regional Groundwater Management Plan
Stormwater Resource Plan

Statutory Authorization

The County of Madera receives calls on a daily basis from property owners who wish to find out if their property is located within a flood zone. Flood zone maps are continually being updated and changed by FEMA. Persons wishing information on a parcel will need to call our office, at (559) 675-7811.

If you are looking for Flood Zone Elevation Certificate or information you may go to the FEMA website at: for information and instruction on flood zones and forms.

Fema Information For
Claims Adjusters
Drainage Design Standards– Rainfall Data
Elevation Certificate and Instructions
Homeowners and Renters
Insurance Professionals and Lenders
MT-1 Application Forms and Instructions