Tuesday, May. 28, 2024
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Our department is still working on reviewing the administrative draft of the Madera County Drought Plan required by SB 5552.

SB552- Drought Plan Draft for Review

Are we still in a drought?

California has “feast or famine” hydrology. This means that some years are wet and some years are dry. Several dry years can be considered a drought. It is normal to cycle in and out of a drought in California. Scientific opinions vary on how much rain it takes to get out of each drought.

What can we do to prepare for the next drought? 

In response to conditions of extreme drought, the Madera County Drought Workgroup was created. Meetings are open to everyone from public agencies to the public. The Drought Workgroup acts as a clearinghouse for drought information. At the moment, we are drafting the Madera County Drought Contingency Plan required by Senate Bill 552.

Resources for Residents

If you have issues with your domestic well, need bottled water, or water quality testing services, please contact Self-Help Enterprises at (559) 802-1685. droughtsupport@selfhelpenterprises.org

More Resources

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