Tuesday, Feb. 07, 2023
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California has a “feast or famine” hydrology. This means that some years are wet and some years are dry. Several dry years can be considered a drought. We are currently in a drought though recent storms are helping us climb out.

So dry in the middle of the lake- the gauge is dry, and the vultures are landing

Madera County Drought Workgroup

The Drought Workgroup meetings are open to everyone created as outreach and education in response to the extreme drought in California. Each month there is a different guest speaker with a new drought topic as well as this group acting as a clearinghouse getting drought information out to the public through the partners that join the call each month. We are working on drafting the Madera County Drought Contingency Plan required by Senate Bill 552.

Madera County Drought Workgroup Presentations

2022: Drafting of Drought Plan-SB 552

10-21-22 Madera County Drought Workgroup meeting

9-16-22 Madera County Drought Workgroup meeting

8-19-22 Madera County Drought Workgroup meeting


Private Wells – California Water Institute- Fresno State


Self-Help Presentation- Drought Workshop

Nitrate Control Program Presentation-Drought Workshop

Madera RWMG Presentation- Drought Workshop

Resources for Residents

If you have issues with your domestic well or need bottled water, please contact Self-Help Enterprises at (559) 802-1685

E-mail: droughtsupport@selfhelpenterprises.org

Additional Resources

California Drought action

California Water Watch

Center for Western Weather and Water Extremes – Center For Western Weather and Water Extremes (ucsd.edu)

Climate Tools | California Nevada Applications Program (ucsd.edu)

Defensible Space and Drought – Ready for Wildfire

Drought (ca.gov)

Drought Resources (pge.com)

Dry Well Reporting System (ca.gov)

Groundwater Wells | U.S. Geological Survey (usgs.gov)

Home | Climate Toolbox

Home | Drought.gov

Madera County Public Health- Water Testing

Private Drinking Water Wells | US EPA


Save Our Water

Water Conservation | California State Water Resources Control Board

Water Sources – California Partnership for the San Joaquin Valley (sjvpartnership.org)

Water Systems Management Lab | at UC Merced

Welcome to Californiawater.org – California Water


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