Thursday, Jun. 01, 2023
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What is being measured?

Within the County Groundwater Sustainability Agency (County GSA), water use on irrigated acres is measured.

How is water being measured?

The County GSA measures water used by irrigated agriculture within the County GSA. In 2023, the County GSA offers three methods for growers to choose from for measurement:

Field staff having a discussion and examining a flowmeter in the field.1. IrriWatch with daily access to the website

2. Land IQ with paper reports available 45-60 days after the end of each month

3. Private meters (with pre-inspection both for installation and for flow calibration and a map of meters depicting what each well irrigates, along with monthly meter reads uploaded to our portal; see list at bottom of the page with potential vendors for inspections)

You must choose the same method for every APN within your farm unit. If no choice is made, Land IQ will be the default option.

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