Thursday, Feb. 02, 2023
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Flood Conditions

Alerts & Warnings

Heavy rain after several storms over the previous weeks will increase the risk of flooding. Take precautions such as being cautious while driving, watching for flood statements, and avoiding travel into the mountains.

Source: National Weather Service

How to Prepare for a Flood


  • Don’t Wait. Communicate. Make Your Emergency Plan Today. Get started here:
  • Register for MCAlert for emergency updates!

Build a Kit

  • Flooding is a serious environmental reality that can cause significant damage to homes and the environment. You’ll need to plan for two situations: remaining in your home after a disaster or evacuating to a safer location. Gather the supplies you may need in case a flood leaves you without power, water or gas. Supply list:
  • FEMA has a checklist that provides an idea of what to gather to ensure your family’s basic comfort and well-being in case of an emergency evacuation. Download a PDF checklist here!

Flood Preparation Resources

DWR Flood Fight Techniques YouTube Playlist