Wednesday, Jul. 17, 2024
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Farmland Maintenance

Automatic mower in a field of native vegetation.What is the Farmland Maintenance Program?

Working in and around waterways often requires the permission of multiple public agencies. In our farmland maintenance program, the County will provide training and the ability to work under our agreements/contracts with supervision within and around channels and banks on your own land. This reduces your own flood risk, costs to the agency (and you), and helps convey flows for irrigation and flood control.

What sorts of work can be done under the Farmland Maintenance Program?

You may be able to do vegetation control and mowing and potentially sediment removal, depending on which permits/agreements are required. This all requires signing up for the Farmland Maintenance Program and going through training with County staff.

Sign-up now for the Farmland Maintenance Program where a landowner may perform maintenance to the landside of a levee.