Saturday, Jun. 15, 2024
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Final Recharge Credit Policies

What is recharge?

Recharge occurs both naturally through infiltration and percolation and artificially when we apply water to farmlands or put the water in a basin. There are a number of efforts underway for recharging our aquifer.

How does the Governor’s Executive Order N-4-23 help? 

The Governor of California recently signed Executive Order N-4-23 which allows for flood waters to be used for groundwater recharge in certain circumstances. Both forms below are required to assist landowners take advantage of this opportunity.

What else is the County GSA planning for recharge?  The County GSAs are planning for permanent recharge projects and other opportunities that may involve the development of an appropriative water right. There are four ongoing granted projects. If you would like to be considered for involvement in this ongoing project planning or future projects, as they arise, please download and complete our Recharge Interest Form and return it to our office.