Saturday, Mar. 25, 2023
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Storm Water Resource Plan (SWRP)

Madera County Storm Water Resource Plan

The Madera County Storm Water Resource Plan (SWRP) is a first of its kind watershed-based storm water plan that will establish an integrated, holistic, and coordinated storm water runoff management strategy for the entire County. Development of the SWRP was grant-funded and led by the County of Madera in coordination with a Technical Advisory Committee, Stakeholder Group, and community members. The main goals of the Madera County SWRP are to identify and prioritize opportunities to:

  • Better utilize stormwater as a resource;
  • Reduce runoff volumes and pollutants entering receiving waters; and
  • Realize social and community benefits not typically achieved with traditional storm water projects.

To support these goals, the SWRP included a detailed analysis of watershed processes, surface and groundwater resources, input from stakeholders and the public, and an analysis of the multiple benefits achievable through strategically planned storm water management projects.

The public was involved in crafting the SWRP on July 13, August 7, August 30 public technical meetings.

Storm Water Resource Plan