Friday, Dec. 04, 2020
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Water Markets

Madera County has a grant from the Bureau of Reclamation to develop a water market strategy. This grant included three workshops, stakeholder interviews, and a simulation or pilot project in 2021. Materials related to the workshops and simulation will be on this page.

Workshop #1 – February 25 4-7 p.m. In-person Workshop

Agenda, Research, Summary , PowerPoint Presentation

Workshop #2 – April 30, 3-5 p.m. Online Webinar

Webinar Materials – Agenda/English, Spanish Agenda, Comment Form and Survey/English, Comment Form and Survey/Spanish, Madera Audio Webinar Guide/English, Madera Audio Webinar Guide/Spanish, Power Point Presentation/English, Power Point Presentation/Spanish, Glossary for Water Market Webinar/ English,  Madera Webinar Tutorial/English, Glossary for Water Market Webinar/Spanish; Zoom Tutorial/Spanish

Webinar Summary

Water Market Workshop 2 Webinar Videos- Intro and Roll Call; Introduction and Water Trading Allocations;
Water Market Structure and Options – Part 1
Water Market Structure and Options – Part 2
Water Market Structure and Options – Part 3
General Comments

Workshop #3 – December 1, 2020 – Third Water Market Webinar
Madera County Water Market Webinar – Developing Solutions

Agenda – Spanish Version

Market Structure – Handout
Reglas y Estructura del Mercado para el Programa Piloto

Pilot Process – Handout
Participacion Piloto y Logisticas

Presentation – Spanish Version

Webinar Guide
Webinar Guide – Spanish Version

Existing Water Market Research

Registration Form for Water Market
Registration Form for Water Market – Spanish Version

Water Market Survey
 Water Market Survey – Spanish

Water Market Volunteer Registration Form

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